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An online training program specifically designed to help professional speakers build sustainable, scalable and profitable businesses through live events.

Massive Library of HD Training Videos

With dozens of hours of content and already nearly 50 videos covering the many aspects of building a high-yield, rapid-growth speaking business, The Speaker Circle provides enormous value in a specialty niche that is unlike anything else. Join now as an early adopter and secure a 60% discount on your annual membership dues for life!

Members-Only Access to Live Events and Trainings

As a TSC member, you receive exclusive access to private trainings and discounts on all programs and live workshops. It's our way of honoring your participation in the incredible community we are building worldwide. All TSC members also receive an invitation to our private Facebook group, where members can ask questions and receive feedback from both the community and our industry expert moderators.

Insights from Industry Leaders Worldwide

We at We Fill Events© are global leaders in event marketing, direct-response advertising, and online conversion strategy. However, we are not experts at stagecraft, facilitation, event management, production, and so on. This is why we have created The Speaker Circle. To bring the best strategies and content relevant to professional speakers, and only selecting contributors who share our values of doing business for good and empowering others.

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Sign up now and get instant access to our massive library of trainings all specific to the speaking industry! Pay once and receive a LIFETIME membership to The Speaker Circle, including access to all future program additions and content!

What You Will Learn In This Program

As we are constantly adding new content and new sections of material, your library will continue to expand over the course of your lifetime membership. Here's a peek at what's currently inside ready and waiting for you!

The Building Blocks

Whether you are new to the speaking world or have decades of stage experience under your belt, it's critical to build your business (and the events that support it) with the right foundation. In this section, you will learn insights and strategies to truly build a speaking business that is sustainable, scalable and profitable.

Filling Your Events

Being a speaker inherently means you have an audience to speak to... yet this is one of the most challenging aspects of running events - consistently filling them with qualified attendees. Whether you have a massive customer database or you're just starting out in the industry, our event-filling strategies will empower you and your organization to host events anywhere in the world and fill them yourself through our world-renowned automated marketing approaches.

So Much More To Come!

As a TSC member, you benefit from our constantly-growing library of trainings from industry leaders worldwide. We carefully select leaders who are aligned with our values to contribute to The Speaker Circle with videos, interviews, podcasts, live workshop recordings, live online trainings, and so much more!

You can look forward to seeing more exclusive content over the coming weeks in the areas of:

  • Storytelling, Stagecraft and Presentation Skills
  • Selling from Stage and Alternative Approaches
  • Management and Logistics
  • Event Production
  • Equipment Hire and Purchase
  • Business and Administrative
  • And More...

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Sign up now and get instant access to our massive library of trainings all specific to the speaking industry. As a lifetime member, you also get access to new content added to the program. You will also be added to a private Facebook group where you can get feedback from other members and our expert team moderators. Secure your membership now and enjoy access for life!


We would be happy to discuss this program with you and answer any questions you may have. Please kindly send us an email at [email protected] and we will respond within 24-48 hours to explore how we can best serve you.


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